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Rocket Ropes Covid-19 Stay Well Initiative

Rocket Ropes is open Saturdays and Sundays

We have strict health & safety measures in place to ensure your visit to Rocket Ropes is a safe and enjoyable one. We are operating under all government mandates and will require proof of vaccination for anyone aged 12+ who enters our premises.  Our park is well spaced out ensuring all climbers will have plenty of room to climb and move around.

Our Stay Well measures:

  1. As per the government mandates, all Rocket Rope participants and spectators aged 12+ are required to show proof of vaccination
  2. Installed Covid check-in QR code posters  as well as a manual check-in process available.
  3. All Ropes participants will be required to use the hand sanitiser provided before participating in the “gear up” and debrief.
  4. Extra hand sanitiser will be available at Rocket Ropes.
  5. All climbing gear will be cleaned before and after each use and we will use new sets where possible throughout the day.
  6. High contact surfaces will receive additional cleans throughout the day, including all rest rooms, door handles, chairs and tabletops etc. both at Butterfly Creek and Rocket Ropes.
  7. We are using a high grade antibacterial cleaning solution to keep our site extra clean.
  8. All staff are vaccinated.

Here’s what you can do:

Follow the Ministry of Health’s guidelines for keeping yourself safe including increased hand washing and staying at home if you or anyone in your family is sick.

If you feel you have any symptoms of the flu then please do not plan a visit. If it is obvious that any visitor is displaying symptoms then you may be asked to leave and visit us another time.

Want to visit Butterfly Creek as well? Find out more here about Butterfly Creek’s Covid Stay Well measures

The team at Rocket Ropes

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