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Health and Safety


Rocket Ropes takes every precaution to ensure the safety of all participants. However, by undertaking the activities with Rocket Ropes, you are assuming the risk of any injury, including death. 

To help minimise the risk to all involved, participants are required to follow all instructions of Rocket Ropes staff. Failure to follow instructions or recommendations by staff is at your own risk. Rocket Ropes or its staff will not be held responsible for any injuries caused to you, or to you by others, resulting from the failure to follow instructions or recommendations. 

If the failure to follow any instructions or recommendations causes an increase in risk, or threatens the safety and enjoyment of others, Rocket Ropes reserves the right to take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of other participants, including removal from the course. 

The course requires a reasonable level of physical fitness and Rocket Ropes reserves the right to reject your booking if your physical condition poses a potential threat to the safety of yourself or other participants.  



I accept that this activity inherently involves risks and potential hazards. The risks and hazards include, but are not limited to: falling from height, superficial bruises/cuts/grazes due to contact with activities and equipment on course and wires, contact with other climbers on activities, tripping, and exposure to the elements i.e. Sun exposure, rain and wind.

I am aware that participating in the climbing activities offered by Rocket Ropes can be hazardous if they are not conducted with care, control and responsibility. I acknowledge that these risks could result in my injury (physical or mental) or even death.

Please see below for our Risk Disclosure Form


Rocket Ropes will close in extreme weather conditions (torrential rain, high winds, thunder, and lightning). Listed below are weather conditions which will determine our operating procedures for the day. If the weather conditions surpasses the thresholds listed below our team will get in contact to postpone your climb.


30kmh >          All activities/levels should be able to remain open. But if the direction of the wind is going down the Croc Tower’s flying fox, the flying fox may need to be closed.

30 – 40kmh     The flying fox must be closed.

40 – 50kmh     The flying fox must be closed. If there is a combination of these wind speeds and rain, our courses may need to be closed as there could be a risk of hyperthermia.

50kmh +          The flying fox must be closed. If this is a consistent wind speed the course must be closed.

50kmh + Gusts The flying fox must be closed. The second level may need to be closed depending on the age and ability of the climbers.

Thunder and Lightning:

All courses and activities must be closed. If climbers are present on the course, staff will remove them as soon as possible. Only once there is no sign of thunder or lighting may the courses be re-opened.


Light: 0.1 – 2.0 ml                   Fine to go ahead. On and off showers.

Moderate: 2.1 – 6.0 ml            Consistent rain.

Heavy: 6.1 – 20 ml                  Affected sessions to be closed. Chance for the whole day to be closed.

Torrential: 21+ ml                   Affected sessions/whole day to be closed.

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