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Rocket Ropes Info

Our website has loads of information but if you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know and we will do our best to help you.


The Rocketeer Course is a fun low climbing course designed specifically for children aged 2 – 6 years using carabiners. Just like the big kids!


Our Croc Tower offers three exciting levels at 1.5m, 3m and 6m with over 50 activities and 3 flying foxes. Experience slip knots, spiders web, flea jump and many more obstacles that will test your skills. MORE INFO

The Rocket Tower offers the ultimate aerial challenge with over 40 activities including the Ripper Zipper. Two intense 4.5 and 9m courses offers some of the toughest high ropes challenges in NZ.  MORE INFO


Launching from a 12m platform, whiz along our flying fox at 120m of high speed! Then catch the next flight back on the return zip. Mission accomplished!

Ripper Zipper is also included in the Rocket Tower course price.

Exhilarating fun – and even more fun when swinging with a friend. Your (and your friend) are lifted 12m off the ground. When you drop is up to you.

Pull the rip cord and then enjoy the crazy acceleration rush.

Ever considered leaping from a 5 story building? Here’s your chance! NZ’s first pwerfan freefall will test your fears. Inch your way our onto the leap zone 12m high.

Take a deep breath and step out into the blue yonder.


Rocket Ropes is the perfect venue for any group day out. Talk to our team today to enquire about booking your group.

School Groups & Holiday Programs

Rocket Ropes hosts thousands of school kids each year. Identify born leaders and boost confidence.

Perfect for ECE Groups

A fun way to help improve the littlies balance and coordination as they work through the low preschooler course.

Team Building

What a better way to get your company, sports team or club working as a team!

Birthday Parties

A Rocket Ropes birthday party is one you’ll never forget. Climbing fun and food, or use our BBQ.


Check our our GrabOne deals for February!

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50% Off Rocketeer Course

Get 50% off the Rocketeer Course if you visited Butterfly Creek on the same day!

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